501(c)(3) non-profit organizatin to bring back home the remains of American servicemen who died in WWII in the Pacific Theater


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in the field work
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* Participate in the field work
When the field trip is planned, you will have a chance to join us for the field work to search, find, and recover the remains of the fallen.
We would ask you to bear the basics that are necessary for the mission (airfare, accomodation, food, etc); however, we will try as much as we can to make the mission productive for you (i.e. transportation, drinks during the field work etc).
The expense varies depending on the schedule of the mission, so we will cordinate each time.

** Memorial Service
For those who can't participate the field work but still want to go and lean about the site, we will try to cordinate to travel and have a memorial service with you.

*** Annual Membership Fee
The renewal of the membership comes in April every year, so please note that no matter which month you register for the membership, April is the month to update your status and deposit the membership fee for new year from April to March.


"This is something that the government must get involved" General Vicente “Ben” T. Blaz, our adviser, known as former Congressman, has served as the first Chamorro to achieve the rank of Brigadier General of the U.S. Marine Corps.
He was one of the people who deeply understood the mission of KUENTAI and became the advisor of KUENTAI two month before he passed away in January 2014.
He had always concered that this work is not something pursued by such small non-profit organization, but has to be done by the government under its responsibility.
KUENTAI-USA was formed by inheriting his will to return all the servicemen who died for its county and the loved ones.
No matter what the natinality is, all the soldiers who served its country must return home.


KUENTAI-USA Headquater119 Eagle Trail
New Bern, North Carolina
28562 United States

Phone: 703-883-7003 (USA)
+81-50-3540-6643 (Japan)
Email: office@kuentai-usa.com

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