KUENTAI-USA's first field work was conducted from September 3rd for 6days and half.
One complete set of remain was discovered, but he needed to be re-buried.
The land owner agreed to extend the agreement with KUENTAI-USA, and now the group is allowed to work on the field until the early spring in 2015.

One of the letters from Department of Defense answered the questions from Senater, saying that "there is no reason to believe this area is more likely than other areas to contain missing U.S. servicemen”.

However, many U.S. artifacts were discovered during the last field investigation, and one human remain was uncovered.
(although it is still uncertain that if the remian is American or Japanese).

Department of Defense also states in the letter that there are 15 probable missing soldiers, not 16, in this targeted area.
As we continue the analysis, there are other figures reported on the related materials, so the number of "15" is not reliable.

Please imagine the football court. The property is about the same size.
How can you tell that there is no MIAs left under the ground, without fully digging out the soil?
How can you find 16 individual burials in the football court?

The only way is to completely remove the surface soil to ensure no human remains are left.

We have so far finished about 35% of the total land.

The white strips on the map are the trenches, and we still have the left side of the land to complete the excavation.

Our hope is really simple: We want to return every soldier, no one should be left on the foreign soil.

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Your contribution will definitely help identify the location of those possible 16 American soldiers and make it possible for them to return home after waiting under the ground for more than 70 years.

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