As many and as quickly as possible.

This clip is provided by KUENTAI-JAPAN taken
during their operation in mass grave.

This slogan was chosen by KUENTAI-JAPAN when members saw that the remains underground are decomposed and returning to the earth.

When you scoop the remains from the ground, they are crushed and broken into pieces, and there is no way to return them home.

Sometimes those trace of the human remains are discovered at only 40 inches depth from the surface.

When people think about the accounting personnel, identification by the scientific test seems most important.

However, please be aware what happens to the remains which have been left for 70 years, especially under the ground?

When you see the trace of a human being under the ground but are unable to scoop, can you imagine the feeling of hopeless and regret?

It is true that identification is very important, but there would be nothing to identify when the remains are disappeared.

Those who are already gone must have been recoverable couple years ago, and the slow action indeed make a lot of remains "unrecoverable".

"If we were able to come earlier..." - That's the only thing can be said.

This is why we have to recover them as many and as quickly as possible...