Project #1

Rescue 16 WWII MIA from the Construction in Saipan

In order to identify the grave site, KUENTAI-JAPAN carried out research and analysis of documents at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

U.S. National Archives II (NARA) at College Park, MD

Analysis of military reports revealed information not only about the Japanese grave site, but also about the suspected burial site of the American soldiers who have been designated as Missing in Action (MIA) since July 7th, 1944, when the Banzai attack, known as suiside attack, by Japanese was taken place.

Sample scanned military report from NARA

Hand-writing map attached to the documents above
showing the burial site of the dead in Tanapag Beach.

Map with the analysis of 150,000 pages of the military report
revealing the possible burial site of the American soldiers.

In fact, KUENTAI-JAPAN has already discovered 4 mass graves and retrieved 780 Japanese soldiers' remains, as well as 5 American soldiers from the same locations.
Those 5 soldiers are all from Army, 27th Infantry Division, 105th Regiment.

Since there are 21 American soldiers recorded as MIA in 27th Infantry Division, 105th Regiment, died on July 7th, 1944, there is a possibility that 16 more soldiers are left who have yet to be recovered.

MIA list of 27th Infantry Division, 105th/106th/165th Regiment

KUENTAI-JAPAN has notified organizations on the U.S. side about this situation many times, including JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command), a former agency of DPAA (Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency) today, suggesting to cooperate to recover the soldiers from both countries.
However, they keep saying that there is no budget for them to work with.

This project is urgent because the aforementioned site in Saipan is a property managed and privately owned by a foreign businessman, and his group is going to start the development on the site sometime soon.
The construction permit was already issued, so it is ready to be developed anytime they decide to.
It is easy to imagine that once construction starts, it will no longer be possible to recover the remains of the soldiers believed to be there.

This is only a possibility and there is no guarantee that all 16 soldiers will be able to be recovered; it is also possible that there might be nothing to be exhumed.

However, this does not mean that we do not anything. If this opportunity is neglected, those 16 soldiers, who may have already been buried for more than 70 years, would never be able to come back home.
You don't know anything until you dig into the ground.

From October 25th to November 6th 2015

Our mission is supported entirely by charitable donations

In order to rescue them before construction starts and those 16 soldiers become forever unrecoverable, donations are urgently needed to carry out the field investigation and excavation.

Your donation will definitely help identify the location of those possible 16 American soldiers and make it possible for them to return home after waiting under the ground for more than 70 years.