Project #2

Disinter the Unknowns buried in the American Cemetery in Manila

WFI Research Group in VA is an expert of document analysis and has been working on the archival research for MIA recovery for 30 years.

One of the issues of MIA recovery that WFI Research Group has been working and trying to tackle is the unknowns buried in the American Cemetery.

KUENTAI-USA and WFI Research Group decided to work as joint venture to identify and return the unknowns from the American Cemeteries to their families.

WFI Case # 259621
Staff Sergeant Richard Joseph Murphy Jr.

He was enlisted in 2nd Marine Division, and landed Saipan in June 15, 1944, the first day of the Battle of Saipan.

He became missing on that day, and that was the end of his record.

In the IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File) of Richard Murphy shared by WFI Research Group, there is a dental chart of him - one of the important keys for the identification.

On the other hand, there is a file of "unknown", and the Disinterment Directive of this unknown soldier shows that the his remains were originally buried in 2nd Marine Division Cemetery in Saipan, but moved to Ft. McKinley (which is Manila today) in March 29th, 1950, and reburied in L-09-61.

It also includes the dental record of this unknown soldier.
As matter of fact, the dental record of Richard Murphy and one of this unknown are almost identical.

KUENTAI-USA went to Philippines to double-check if there is such "unknown" burial in this spot.

The actual burial of L-09-61 in American Cemetery in Manila (Nov 7th 2014)

In fact, those two dental records were reviewed by two forensic dentists, and they proved that they are the same person.

However, the Department of Defense has already made an official statement regarding the identification of the remains of unknowns, saying that "Identifying the remains of unknowns already recovered and buried with honor in U.S. national cemeteries at home and abroad must take a lower priority"

From Office of the Under Secretary of Defense dated on Dec 16th 2010.

The discovery of the reamins of Richard Murphy and the official letter from DoD were shared to a nephew of this fallen comrade, and he told us that he wants to get the remains of their loved ones back home.


Your donations will definitely help continue the research of unknowns in the American cemeteries oversea, like the one in Manila.

Assembling the documents and making a bridge with the family members require a lot of efforts and time.

Your donations are greatly appreciated to return the unknowns' remains back home.