Project #3

Weekend Expedition for MIA on Guam

According to WFI Research Group, there are 218 MIAs on the island of Guam.

KUENTAI-USA has decided to start the investigation on the site on the weekends.

Why weekends?

Because we want more people to participate on the field work, and the accumulation of the information from the field is important.

Therefore this is the preparatio for the actual repatriation, so the small unit will be formed to walk through the battlefield and find the clue of the grave sites.


Nothing can be achieved without your hands.
Lack of the volunteers may cause an inefficiency of the work.
The volunteers are greatly appreciated.

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in joining us.


Nothing can be achieved without your hands. Your donations will definitely help continue the field investigation.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.