FIELD BLOG -- October on Saipan

Thursday, October 29th

It was our 3rd day of digging on Saipan.

He gave a silent prayer to all the souls in the morning before the work started.

According to the archaeologists, the remains found yesterday were determined to be the bones of indigenous locals (Chamorro).

We kept digging and started to find many indications of the WWII remains.

Today, we found helmet, skull, and golden teeth and bridge.
It should not be the ancient, so has to be either American or Japanese.

The location is about 60m away from the command post of 27th infantry division, 105th regiments.

All the volunteers were so excited, and everyone was so focused on manually cleaning the site.

We never know who they are until all the remains are analyzed by the archaeologists.

Another good news was that, among the 3 projects, 2nd project's plan was finally approved!

So now we are allowed to do the field research in another property, where many soldiers in Army became missing.

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