FIELD BLOG -- November on Saipan

Thursday, November 6th

We came back to the same property as yesterday, and this was our last day of the entire project.

We wanted to work until the very last day of stay, but the archaeologists had to turn over all the findings to the local authority by Friday afternoon, so we could only work in the morning.

We made the last trench with the backhoe, and another piece of bone was found from 3 separate locations!

All the volunteers wanted to open around the remains to at least get a better idea if this is American or Japanese, but we were not allowed because the time was up, and archaeologists had to leave.

In total, we found 2 helmets, 2 leg bones, 2 unconfirmed human bones, that were individually buried in one property.

This place is supposed to be on the perimeter of night position of 27th infantry division, 105th regiments on July 6th (right before the Japanese banzai attack was charged), only 25m away from the burial of one American soldier discovered 2 years ago.

There wasn’t any Japanese artifacts but only items associated with American.

We are not osteologists so cannot make any decision on the nationality yet.

The archaeologists we hired came from mainland of US, so it takes more than 20 hours for them to fly from their hometown to such a remote island, but they had to leave the bones of probable US soldiers on the island.

I imagine it is very difficult for them as American to choose this way.

If we had enough funds to hold them 1 ~ 2 more days on Saipan, we could have exposed the site, recovered the bones, and sent them over to the US governments for further analysis.

We have to do fundrasing and come back to the site as soon as possible to recover the remains..

The project will be continued!

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