Japan 2018

Tuesday, 3/27 Our group went to the mountains in Okinawa to walk around and familiarized ourselves with the area where a US Marine became missing in 1945.

We went into some of the caves and realized that there are still human bones and artifacts found in many caves around the island.

Most of them are small pieces, which could be the leftovers from the previous recovery mission, but the locals who know very well about the caves in Okinawa told us that the human remains still could be found from time to time even people come in and out to look for the remains repeatedly.

We should come back to continue the research, and hope to find something more conclusive.


Wednesday, 5/9
We now returned to Okinawa to check the caves with the human remains.

The information was brought by an American resident in Okinawa who found two caves with the human remains sitting on the surface.

We were told that the information was also shared with DPAA, but nobody showed any interest to the email.

We though it is necessary to check so decided to travel to Okinawa to meet with the informant.

We walked into the caves on the hill and saw the dozens of human remains just sitting on the surface.

We examined the environment of the cave and concluded that the cave was actually a family tomb that belongs to the local family.
This is a common practice in the old time in Okinawa to leave the dead body in the cave, so it is not a surprise to find such cemetery.

After this, we went to check the caves where one US Marine became missing in 1944.
This is the continuation of the previous research, so we went into the same hill and walked around to search the cave where the human remains are left behind.

And we found one cave with some small pieces of human remains.

There were also some buttons, pieces of metal, small glass bottle, and soles of the boots.
Considering the fact that only the high ranking Japanese personnel put the boots on during that time, this might belong to either Japanese officer or American personnel.

We recorded the site for the future investigation.

To be continued...







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