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Fallen US WWII hero's Army dog tag found on Pacific island
【Feb 22nd 2016】

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City of Paducah Commission Meeting Highlights 【Nov 11th 2015】

Groups Returning to Pacific Island to Search for WWII MIAs
【Oct 23rd 2015】

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Pentagon enlisting outsiders to help search for US WWII MIAs
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Freedom of Museum hosts Japanese group who found remains of Manassas WWII soldier
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Remains of Marine lost off Saipan ID'd after 70 years 【5/25/2015】

Marianas Variety, Saipan

KUENTAI-USA postpones recovery efforts on Saipan

HPO says it is only following its mandate

Kuentai-USA gets another ‘no’ from HPO

Kuentai-USA gets property owner’s nod to continue excavation in Achuugao

Kuentai-USA excavates 35 percent of target area, not giving up

Kuentai-USA can’t attend Sept.12 burial of US soldier whose remains they recovered in Achugao

Remains of one possible American soldier recovered, Kuentai-USA digs for more

Kuentai-USA hopes to get HPO permit so it can start digging today

Kuentai-USA frustrated after getting warning letter from HPO

Washington Post

After seven decades, a missing World War II soldier’s remains are buried in Virginia 【3/10/2014】

SARATOGIAN, Saratoga Springs

Leaving no one behind: Group dedicates efforts to finding remains of fallen soldiers


Prince William County

Richard Bean: A Soldier's Return 【01/26/2015】


History Net - Weider History

Japanese Search Team Repatriates American War Dead 【09/12/2014】


Semper Fi, Marine Corps League

As Many and As Quickly As Possible 【Nov-Dec/2014】

World War II, Weider History Group

Japanese Searchers on Saipan Seek American MIAs 【Sep-Oct/2014】


NBC, Washington

After 70 Years, WWII Soldier Buried at Quantico 【3/10/2014】

CBS Albany, New York

Japanese researchers help bring American fallen WWII soldiers home 【31/7/2014】

KFVS 12, Kentucky

MIA WWll veteran found decades later laid to rest in Paducah 【25/4/2014】

GAZETTE NEWSPAPERS, Fairfax and Arlington

Lost in WWII, a Manassas soldier is coming home 【26/9/2014】

NBC, Washington

Arlington Burial for WWII Soldier Lost in WWII 【12/9/2014】 Albany, New York

Saipan mission seeks fate of area's missing 【22/8/2014】

The Associated Press, New York

Japanese Search US Archives for WWII MIA Info 【30/7/2014】

Sun Sentinel, Florida

After 70 years, fallen WWII soldier to come home 【18/7/2014】

WPTV West Palm Beach, Florida

Local family helps with search for relative lost in WWII 【21/4/2014】

Sun Sentinel, Florida

Dog tag may solve 70-year-old mystery for West Delray man 【19/4/2014】


Operation Freedom, Manassas







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