Japanese nonprofit seeks to return soldiers to U.S.

【Paducah Sun (March, 2017):Kentucky】 For the last 72 years, many American families have been holding on to the hope of finally laying to rest their loved ones who died in World War II.

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Kuentai holds memorial service for WWII dead

【Marianas Variety (July, 2017):Saipan】 LOCAL community members and Japanese visitors, including Japan Consul Kinji Shinoda, participated in the Kuentai memorial service on Friday morning in the Aqua Resort Club parking lot to honor those who died here in World War II.

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Kuentai honors WWII fallen in ARC ceremony

【Saipan Tribune (July, 2017):Saipan】 The Japanese organization Kuentai, which seeks to gather the remains of Japanese soldiers who fell in World War II, bring them home to their families, and lay them to rest, held a second memorial service last Friday at the Aqua Resort Club parking area,

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Fallen US WWII hero's Army dog tag uncovered on Pacific island

【Associated Press (September, 2016):New York】 ALBANY, N.Y. ? Dorothy Hollingsworth was just 7 when her brother Tom left the family farm in Indiana to join the Army a few months before the United States entered World War II. She never saw him again.

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Freedom Museum hosts Japanese group who found remains of Manassas WWII soldier

【BullRun Now.com (September, 2015):Virginia】 Usan Kurata and Yukari Akatsuka know much about discoveries and their power to change things. They are members of Kuentai, a Japanese non-governmental group formed in 2006 whose mission is recovering remains of World War II soldiers killed in the Pacific Theater.

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Pentagon enlisting outsiders to help search for US WWII

【Associated Press (September, 2015):New York】 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- Justin Taylan has been to the remote Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea dozens of times over the past two decades, spending countless hours slogging through crocodile-infested swamps in his quest to document as many World War II airplane wreck sites as possible.
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Group returning to Pacific island to search for US WWII MIAs

【Associated Press (October, 2015):New York】 ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A private Japanese organization that has found the remains of World War II soldiers on Saipan is planning another excavation on the Pacific island in the hopes of finding more unmarked graves, including those of American servicemen still listed as missing in action for more than 70 years.
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Dog tag may solve 70-year-old mystery for West Delray man

【SunSentinel (April, 2014):Florida】 The dog tags are pitted, battered. But there is enough left of them to solve a mystery that's haunted a West Delray man for 70 years.

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After 70 years, fallen WWII soldier to come home

【SunSentinel (July, 2014):Florid】 DNA tests have finally put to rest the mystery of a soldier who went missing on the island of Saipan during World War II some 70 years ago.
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Japanese group searching US archives for info on American MIAs from 1944 battle on Saipan

【Associated Press (July 2014):New York】 SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) -- Racing against time, members of a Japanese organization are combing a New York military museum's World War II records for information they hope will lead to the graves of American servicemen still listed as missing in action on Saipan.
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Saipan mission seeks fate of area's missing

【Timesunion (August 2014):New York】 Saratoga Springs -- Seventy years after Japanese fighters launched a suicidal "banzai" attack against U.S. forces invading Saipan, a 20-year-old college student is headed to the island to try to find the remains of 16 Americans, presumed lost in the bloody World War II campaign.

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Arlington Burial for Soldier Lost in WWII

【NBC (Sep 2014):Washington】 An Army private who went missing in World War II was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors Friday, after his remains were recovered seven decades following the war.
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Recoverying Saipan's MIAs

【Semper Fi, The Magazine of the Marine Corps League (December 2014)】 This is my story of a transformational journey to repatriate the WWIi Marine ans soldier's remains in the Pacific Theater. There events have profoundly changed my life forever, as well as the lives of others.
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Japanese Search Team Repatriates American War Dead

【History NET (December 2014)】 Private First Class William Carneal from Paducah, Kentucky; Private Bernard Gavrin of Brooklyn, New York; Private William Yawney, Freemansburg, Pennsylvania; PFC Richard Bean of Manassas, Virginia. These four men of...
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Leaving no one behind: Group dedicates efforts to finding remains of fallen soldiers

【The Saratogian (September 2014):New York】 SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The military mantra “no one left behind” is falling on deaf ears within the Defense Department, a group dedicated to recovering soldiers’ remains says.

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After seven decades, a missing World War II soldier’s remains are buried in Virginia

【Washington Post (October 2014):Washington D.C.】 After the veterans with “POW-MIA” inscribed on their black ties saluted the casket, after the chaplain talked of time and healing, a man in a dark suit slipped on reading glasses and rose from his pew. He walked to the stage of a Northern Virginia funeral home and pulled from his pocket the tribute he had written the night before.

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Kuentai-USA gets another ‘no’ from HPO

【Marianas Variety (September 2014):Saipan】 TWO weeks after its team finished the first phase of a recovery mission in Achugao, Kuentai-USA’s application for the excavation of a property owned by Aqua Resort Club in Achugao was rejected, again, by the Historic Preservation Office.
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HPO says it is only following its mandate

【Marianas Variety (Octber 2014):Saipan】 THERE’S no truth to Kuentai- USA’s claim that the Historic Preservation Office is giving them the runaround. In the wake of Kuentai-USA’s press statements that HPO had been making it difficult for them to undertake excavations and fulfill their recovery mission, CNMI Historic Preservation Officer and Department of Community and Cultural Affairs Secretary Laura T. Ogumoro refuted the claim and finally broke their silence.
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Kuentai-USA postpones recovery efforts on Saipan

【Marianas Variety (December 2014):Saipan】 THE group attempting to recover the remains of American soldiers who went missing in action on Saipan during WWII hit a roadblock and decided to postpone its project. On its website, Kuentai-USA said that due to lack of funds, “we postponed the project” ? referring to recovery of the remains of 16 soldiers.
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501(c)(3) non-profit organizatin to bring back home the remains of American servicemen who died in WWII in the Pacific Theater