Back Home in Grahamville--The Story of PFC William Carneal and his Trip Home This was made when Pfc. William Carneal was returned to his home, Paducah, Kentucky, in April 2014.

Richard Bean: A Soldier's Return This was filmed by the William Country to commemorate a return of Pfc. Richard Bean to his home in Manassas, Virginia, in October 2014.

With a prayer -- Reasons to continue searching for the missing-- (English Ver.) This was filmed by a Japanese video journalist at the memorial service in Saipan in July 2016.

US missing soldier uncovered by Japanese group is now returned home after seven decades This was filmed by a Japanese video journalist at the funeral of Pfc. Richard Bean in October 2014.

Clip from the field work

American soldiers

Pfc. Richard Bean Human bones, fork, and American dog tag were found in July 2013.

Pfc. Bernard Gavrin Human bones and American dog tag were found in August 2013.

Unknown Army soldier Human bones and American Army knife were found, only 13 feet away from Pfc. Bernard Gavrin, in August 2013.The result of the identification has not came out yet.



Families of the Pfc. Bernard Gabrin This is the interview to the two nieses of Pfc. Bernard Gavrin.

Families of USMC Richard Murphy This is the interview to a nephiew of USMC Richard Murphy, whose remains are believed to be buried in Manila, Philippines, as "unknown".


Mayor Gayle Kaler, Paducah, KY (in 2014)







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