Pictures from the previous and current activity


American helmet and skull. The remians were turned over to JPAC by FeDex, and identified William Yawney, who died on July 7th 1944.title1

Remains of William Carneal, who died on July 7th 1944.title2

A pair of dog tags of William Carneal.title3

Carneal's high school ring was found along with his bones.title4

A commander from Navy Base in Guam came to check the remains of Carneal.title5

Remains of Richard Bean, who died on July 7th 1944, were found with a pair of dog tag.title6

A pair of dog tags of Bernard Gavrin, who died on July 7th 1944.title7

The remains of Gavrine were found very deep in the soil.title8

American Army knife was found with some human bones. The remains are supposed to be at the lab of JPAC/DPAA in Hawaii today.title1

Backhoe operation to dig trenches.title2

A group of volunteers recovering the remains.title3

Human remains with the helmet.title4

American and Japanese ammunitions were found.title5

Poncho is an evidence that the American soldier was here on the night of July 7th.title6

Pinapple - American handgranade.title7

Some remnant of radio system.title8

Red flags were located where the human bones were found.title1

During the rainy season, pouring rain quickly fills up the trenches.title2

Volunteers are recovering the human bones.title3

Human bones and American boots, believed to be the remains of USMC.title4

WWII remains found in the sand.title5

Backhoe operation is carefully monitored by the volunteers.title6

Unused Carbin bullet.title7

Volunteers are recovering the human remains and artifacts.title8

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